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Cyber Rage: Retribution

Billy bobby
About Cyber Rage: Retribution


  • Cyber ​​Rage: Retribution - action game of the cyberpunk genre. Can you resist the Master plans of the Monsters, leading the detachment of brave heroes? Use your martial arts skills and weapons to confront them. Although the uncle is very dangerous if you make good use of all that is provided you will easily be winning.
  • Criminal gangs have taken over this future metropolis. Boris, Mangus, and Sonya, three valiant cops, must now save the day in this side-scrolling brawler game. Join forces with a pal or go it alone as you scour the city for the bad guy's headquarters.
  • Featured:
    Action game with amazing martial arts moves
    There are two game modes for you to choose from. In 2 player mode, you can have fun playing with friends or family.
    Realistic and beautiful graphics.
    Attractive sound.
    There are many levels for players.

How to play

Player 1 moves with the WASD keys, while player 2 moves with the arrow keys.
Player 1 uses Q to block, while player 2 employs U.
Player 1 jumps with X, while player 2 jumps with I.
Player 1 punches with C, while player 2 punches with O.
Player 1 kicks with V, while player 2 kicks with P.