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Drive or Die

Billy bobby
About Drive or Die


  • Drive Or Die takes place in a zombie-infested world. The only way to survive is to get into a car and drive as far as possible to get away. The journey is long, and you'll have to overcome a slew of zombies and other obstacles along the way. You won't be able to get by with just a conventional car; you'll need to upgrade it as much as possible. Engines that are more powerful, larger gas tanks, weapons, and tires, among other things. In actuality, you'll need to replace the basic truck with a variety of larger cars capable of carrying more upgrades.
  • Featured
    Amazing ragdoll physics tricks
    Various sorts of journeys and pathways
    New game modes have been added: Story, Race, Freeride, and Level Editor are all available in this game.
    Graphic effects that are stunning
    More destruction is required. More people should be killed.
    Physics that is realistic
    Levels of creation
    Make money and construct a massive machine.
    Fans of vintage games will love the HD Pixel Art graphics!
  • Tips:
    Busy need to focus on the race so as not to lose control.
    try to stay calm when you see a lot of zombies.
    Upgrade your car when possible to make the race easier.

How to play

Move: "UP ARROW"
Rotate left: "LEFT ARROW"
Rotate right: "RIGHT ARROW"