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Billy bobby
About Hobo


  • The first installment in the most popular and entertaining fighting game is Hobo. You will take on the role of a hobo and punch and kick all the individuals who are walking the streets!! Allow no one to boss you about or mistreat you; if they do, use your amazing power to punch and kick them out! Try to employ all of your hobo's combat moves to overcome your opponents.
  • In Heaven, no slackers are permitted! Hobo must kick and punch his way through the game, completing keyboard combos to produce violent gestures.
  • Featured:
    Violent 2D graphics.
    Realistic sounds.
    Many types of combinations are unlocked.
    Different people, you can beat in the city.
    Three difficult options.
  • Tips:
    As you progress, you'll be able to unlock additional move combos, which you may view by using the P button. Pick up items on the ground, such as bottles and trash cans, to throw at your opponents. Can you complete the game and unlock all of the combinations? For a more challenging task, try it on each difficulty level.

How to play

Punch with A
pick up objects with A
stone of FIRE
move with arrow keys
run by double-clicking the left/right arrow key.