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Billy bobby


Mad Medicine, an adventurous, exciting and fun-filled game

Mad Medicine is a funny and different take on normal driving games. You will play as a character in a wheelchair on this fun and exciting journey. The path is difficult and full of nurses and first aid kits.

The goal is easy to understand and fun to play. Your character will face a number of tasks and obstacles as they move through the course. You have to slowly heal your character's wounds by finding first aid kits and other useful items that are spread out along the way. These items are necessary to make your character faster and healthier generally.

Besides getting first aid kits, keep an eye out for gems and gems that you can collect along the way. As you play, these tools will help you because they give you upgrades and other useful things that will help you deal with problems better.

Notes when playing Mad Medicine

As you play this fun game with a health theme, you'll need to be careful and quick on your feet to avoid obstacles and get through tricky areas. Every run is exciting and interesting because it tests your quickness and creativity.

The main goal is to get to the finish line without getting hurt while collecting resources and making your character stronger. Each run that goes well will make you more ready for the difficulties that lie ahead.

So get ready for a free and fun trip in Mad Medicine on Happy Wheels unblocked, a casual running game that combines humor and health in a way that will keep you interested and laughing. Best of luck, and remember to watch your steps!

How to play

Controls: Mouse / Touch