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Monster Underground

Billy bobby
About Monster Underground


  • An enormous worm broke into the upper strata as a result of a tectonic movement in the ground at tremendous depths. This is a true behemoth, measuring several tens of meters in length and weighing hundreds of tons. The worm is a carnivore and requires flesh in Monster Underground, as shown by his head, which is circular with sharp fangs protruding. Because there isn't a lot of protein underground, the worm must come to the surface, even if it won't be able to live there. You will assist him in jumping off the ground and grabbing everyone who has been apprehended. In Monster Underground, look for areas with more stick people and trap them in groups.
  • The purpose of the game is to control a microscopic worm that needs to eat, but you must be careful not to give the troops and army the impression that you are trying to kill them. You may now play this new game to help your monster grow and become the best in the world.

How to play

Use the arrow keys or touch the screen to move your monster.