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Rio Rex

Billy bobby
About Rio Rex


Welcome to Rio Rex game! Assume the role of the destructive dinosaur, attempting to incinerate everyone and everything in your path to extinction. Rio Rex is an exciting new action game in which you eat people while leveling up. Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful metropolis from top to bottom. Your mission is to use your scorching breath for baking all humankind and leaving none of them alive. Feel free to accompany them around the remainder of the city!

It's time to cannibalize the city and suffocate everything in sight with your terrifying flames. Why not go wreaking havoc and destruction?
Gametornado is the studio behind the game.

This action game has a lot to offer. You must proceed through several cities and settlements, wrecking and wreaking devastation on everything in your path. Each level takes place in a different part of Brazil, and you must race through the town with Rex.


  • A nasty T-Rex appears in this destruction game.
  • The game is held in several locations throughout Rio de Janeiro.
  • There are 16 levels to complete.
  • The capacity to make a powerful fire stream
  • Communication skills are hidden in plain sight.
  • This is a browser-based game. It's also available on Android and Steam.

Developers: Rio Rex is developed by GameTornado and published on

Beside Rio Rex, you can play Happy Wheels Unblocked a side-scrolling, physics-based online game.

How to play

  • Left/right or AD arrows to move around To jump, use W or the up arrow on the T-Rex.
  • To chew, use the left mouse button.
  • To shoot fire breath, hold down the left mouse button.